Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Voice of the Government: Luis D'Elía"

D'Elía attacking a man in the Plaza de Mayo

Why is this man the face of the government?

This is the man that sent a small group of thugs into the Plaza de Mayo to break up the protesters supporting the farmers. The self proclaimed voice of the government and the "people".

Who is he? While none other than a former official from Nestor Kirshner's (Cristina's husband) presidential cabinet&mdashLuis D'Elía.

It is not everyday you see an official from the government punching ordinary citizens in the street (see the video clip above from La Nacion) and spewing hatred like this:

"I am replying that I have a visceral hatred for the oligarchy whore (i.e. the farmers) that has its hands full, but filled with blood from people, blood workers, but never had a problem with killing massively "
Translated by Google from La Nacion

And of course this gem:

"You, the north of the city, whites, those who accumulate and concentrate and kill and that the only flag they have in their hands is its own profitability, they have a visceral hatred, sépanlo of my mouth, the only thing I hate it moves against you"
Translated by Google from La Nacion

Here is the link to the full article in spanish. My US friends can read the translated version here.

This is insane. Someone please explain why people like Luis D'Elía are inciting class warfare and splitting this great country instead of trying to solve the problems at hand.

The most outrageous thing? There he was tonight on the stage with the Kirshners as Cristina gave her speech. How can a man like that be allowed to sit on the same stage with them?

BTW...In my previous post when I mocked the woman's boyfriend for saying this was heading to civil war....I sadly retract my statement.


Anonymous said...

That's f**ked up. Glad I live in Bariloche, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Now he is known as the Fists of the Government.

Longhorn Dave said...


Found this in the Washington Post. Looks like he has been THE FIST of the govt for quite some time!

Longhorn Dave said...

Her is a cleaner Link to the
D'Elia Washington Post piece.

Anonymous said...

Nice to find such a nice place, now I feel at home again!

This man is pathetic! what can I say.

I am ashamed to be Argentinian, after 23 years in the US I came back to my excountry again & again going through the same shame.

Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts.


Anonymous said...


The google translation is not very good, be careful.

I am also ashame to be Argentinian, these kind of people, in another countries, would not be free, but in Argentina, they are immune because they are tied to the government (he was like this before being an official, they brought him in because of the "good" relationship with "the people"), and this shows the type of government we have. But also the people allows these kind of things. To you, it is insane, but for most people is an every day thing. You can try to find some kind of explanation for this, and one reason is the heritage that we've got from the Italians and the Spanish.

Cynega said...

¿Quieren escuchar el audio entre Fernando Peña y Luis D'Elía en El Parquímetro?
Dura 1 minuto y pico.
Escuchalo en el blog Cynega:

Unknown said...

Hola Cynega,

Muy bueno tu blog. Me pone la piel de gallina escuchar tanto odio que sale de esa persona. Pensar que el es realmente cerca del gobierno me deprime.

If any of you can understand Spanish then you should check this out. The hatred that this guy spews out gives you a clue as to how atrocities can happen like the ones this country lived in the past.

Longhorn Dave said...

I was shocked when I read in the BA Harold today that the Cabinet chief supported D'Elia on Wed.

Finally, a small voice of reason yesterday when the Vice President condemned D'Elia's actions. However, he went on to say that D'Elia had a right to be on the stage with the President at Thur's speech.

I don't get it.

In other country in the world, the Cabinet Chief would of taken D'Elia out behind the shed for a sever spanking before the President asked for his resignation.

I hate when my fellow expats call this a third world country. It is a first world country with first world citizens and deserves better than this. However, it is a first world country with a third world government.

Anonymous said...


I agree that this country deserves better, but we have this government because the people voted it, chose it. And how come we always get bad, fraudulent, corrupt governments? Every single government since democracy came back (I cannot speak for before since I was too young) each one has been worst than the previous one.

It cannot be bad luck, after all, somebody once said "the people does not make mistakes".

This is way crisis and problems will always exist in this country, unless something radical happens.

Anonymous said...

cuanta ignorancia!!
mucha gente en el pais apoya las retensiones. por favor salgas de barrio norte y recoleta y analicen seriamente el estado de cosas.
en la plaza de mayo estaba con las cacerolas cecilia pando, que es tan impresentable como délia, y cada vez que alguien le pone un micrófono hace apologia del delito.
si vivis en un pais que no es el tuyo, al menos tené la decencia de analizar todas las implicancias históricas una medida como ésta, que más allá de este gobierno corrupto, es necesaria.
y les digo a todos: el pais es algo más que barrio norte y recoleta.
algun dia tómense el tren sarmiento y vean qué piensa y siente el resto.

Unknown said...

I don't understand Anon's logic. Sure, Cecilia Pando is also one of those people that this country would be better off without. How does that make D'Elia a model human being is beyond me. What she thinks or does not think of the crisis is irrelevant.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Tax increases on exports at harvest time is just a way to either punish by taking away margin it is not a tool to influence the industry into something else. If that were the real motive they would have placed those measures after the harvest. Farm planning is done a year in advance. Do you think that they wake up at harvest and scratch themselves in the head wondering "I wonder who I am going to sell to today?"

You have shown no evidence of your prowess in analyzing anything Anon. Unless you wanted to give us all an example of ignorance.

Oh, and just a clue for future postings. The blogging community tends to look down upon anon postings that show a lot of virtual courage. If you want to be courageous put a name to your posts.

Unknown said...

Oops. Take the word "either" out of my previous post and it will make better reading. My bad.

Longhorn Dave said...

Anon... I am quite aware that the gilded Recoleta does not represent Buenos Aires or Argentina as a whole. The working class barios and the slums are a world apart.

Yes, I know that 25% of the country is in poverty.

Why? because of the failures of past govts from the right and left who have sold this country short or played with economic fire for a short term fix, only to hang on to long and watch the whole economy come burning down ( 1 to 1 was a great example).

This current government used farm export tariffs as a short term fix to great success. Only now they are addicted to them like a bad junkie and need more and more to feed their habit.

They are now pawning off the one industry that has saved them in the past. Agriculture!

But regardless if we disagree on the morality of the 45% tariff issue. The one indisputable fact is those like D'Elia are morally wrong and their presence in the government only helps in giving Argentina a big black eye.

There is no excusing men like him.

Chetoh Dukakis said...

You should be informed, better, my friend. You may know Texas' history, but here things are quite different. This man may be wrong in some aspects...But I assure you that the most you know about him is manipulated information. They show you only the bad parts. Do yourself a favour: look for information on GRUPO CLARIN. This is one of the biggest monopolies in this country. They handle most of the information on the media and they're against government policies. Look for the other side of the coin. So then you'll be able to have a more accurate opinion.