Saturday, June 7, 2008

Salta or Iguazu Falls: Where would you go?

Time is running out. Our Argentina adventure is winding down. There are so many other places in Argentina we want to see and do but we can't do them all. In fact, we only have time for one more trip in before we leave. But where?

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We have narrowed the list down to two spots. Salta (above) or Iguazú falls (below). We are having a tough time deciding between the two.

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About Salta

Located in the far northwest part of the country, the colorful and diverse high-dessert lanscape of Salta makes our American southwest look dull in comparison.

Argentina's northwest province is punctuated by mountains and canyons and offers first-rate wineries, superb colonial architecture, and miles cactus lined open road.

When explaining to locals about our travels around Argentina, everyone always asks, "Have you been to Salta? You have to go!"

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About Iguazu falls.

According to the Wikipedia, upon seeing Iguazú, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed "Poor Niagara!" Iquazú is much larger than Niagara Falls and is rivaled only by Southern Africa's Victoria Falls.

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However,Iguazú affords better views and walkways and its horseshoe shape allows for spectacular vistas. At one point a person can stand and be surrounded by 260 degrees of 270 different waterfalls.

Tourists that I have talked with were all blown away by their visit to the falls. Some say it is more of a must see than the Porito Moreno Glacier.

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So tell us. Which would you choose as your last Argentina adventure?


pwh said...


When you said "Time is running out. Our Argentina adventure is winding down.", do you mean you are about to leave Argentina and return to the US?

I thought the move to Argentina is permanent or at least semi-permanent since you sold everything you owned in the US.

Longhorn Dave said...

Yep... We will return some day. But the realities of uprooting a 13 year old girl set in and we promised her we would cut our two year stay down to just one year.

pwh said...


Thanks for your reply. I am fairly new to your blog (about 1-2 months).

On the whole, are your experience in Argentina favorable? Would you consider making it your permanent home (or at least second home) in future.

Thanks again.

Longhorn Dave said...

My family loves Argentina. We very much plan on buying a place here to use as a 2nd home.

We are holding off because the market for apartments has exploded the last three years. Everyone feels that the economy is about to implode so the timing is not right for us to buy this time.

We know many expats that have made BsAs there full time home and would not think of moving back to the states.

Even with a roller coaster economy and political environment, it is still and will always be a great city.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Both places look amazing, I can see why you're having a tough time deciding. Since time is running out for your adventure in Argentina I would choose Salta, looks more promising to me.

Anonymous said...

Well the Falls are amazing, but touristy and once you see them, then what. Salta is full of culture, old buildings and no toursits. Check out the mummy museum. Also, south, the road to Cafayate is mind blowing. My vote, go to the northwest, more to see and a lot more local flavor and even some spicy food. Suerte!

Anonymous said...

I don't know any of those two, so I can't suggest.

But I do suggest not to buy a place now, wait until a crisis, which unfortunately will happen sometime. Prices right now are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Salta 3 weeks ago, it's beautiful and you've a lot of places to go. Iguazu is beautiful too, but there's not much to do after you visit the falls. Maybe go to Foz (just to know) or to Ciudad del Este (if you need cheap electronics, if not, AVOID IT!).

So, depending how much time do you have left, I'd choose Salta (if you've more than 3 days to spare) or Iguazu (for 3 days).

Longhorn Dave said...

Thanks for all the votes. I just booked our flights for Salta.

Everyone I have talked to says the drive around Salta is unbelievable. Can't wait to see it for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to get some dessert in the desert when you're there. ;) --Jane

Anonymous said...

Be sure to get some dessert in the desert when you're there. ;) --Jane

Unknown said...

I think you've chosen well. Just don't tell others about the Argentine northwest -- let's keep it untouristed!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you chose well. It is another world in Salta. I just hate for yall to leave without visiting Iguazu. Seems one just has to have the falls in their memories of Argentina. You can tell, I'm glad it is not my decision to make. I'm just torn between the two. Have a great time. Vicky

Fourpoint said...

Haven't been to Salta, but Iguazu was simply AWESOME! Makes Niagra Falls look like a water faucet. If you do choose the falls DO NOT take the "Jungle Tour" they will be promoting at the booths. it is more of a Tree tour, and you won't get to see any monkeys.

Do see the wildlife sanctuary that's in town, they have some awesome exhibits, and Toucans to boot. Enjoy...Fred

d7d said...

go to iquazu there are lots of colored mountains and rocks in arizona TEXAS new mexico many more than in n argentina

but only one iquazu

Anonymous said...

Salta offers many things you do no get in Buenos Aires. Salta is a medium sized town with alot of colonial architecture, the people are even nicer than in Buenos Aires and the city is beutiful and clean. I think it offers different cultural point of view from BA. I think NW Argentina has been long overlooked.

Longhorn Dave said...


You have a point... but
I think because I love the desert southwest of the US so much, I have to go to Salta to see how it compares.

I think Salta will offer so much more to do over four days than the falls will.

Longhorn Dave said...

Great point Anon. BA has no colonial architecture and I really love exploring old churches and buildings. The people of Salta are a big draw too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
You left out one of the most spectacular places on Earth: the Iguazu Falls. That's good for you. There alone you have a good reason to return to Argentina!
It's always wise to leave something for the next time.
I am sure you will enjoy Salta. I'm already looking forward to your amazing posts. Saludos.

Julio L said...

Salta is nice, but don't forget to visti Valles Calchaquies.
Although I love CATARATAS, and the speed boat the puts your right in the show, almost inside the San Martin waterfall. It's awesome.
Then you can visit the Jesuits ruins, and Saltos del Mocona and La Sierra Central.
Good trips.
Una lástima que te vayas

Anonymous said...

Salta is a great choice. Good luck Dave.One day like, you said - you will be back...

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

Splurge and do both! I spent 8 weeks traversing north from Cordoba to Bolivia (via Salta) and east to Iguazu. Details here

Anonymous said...

My vote would be Igauzu Falls, hands down...helluva choice you have to make there!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've made your choice (officially) but I would go to Salta. Much like Niagara you have to go into a different country to really enjoy the view. The Brazilian view is much better than the Argentine view and if you have to pay money to get into the country you'd want to spend more time.

Anonymous said...


I will miss your posts about living in BA with your Texas roots. We lived in BA from 1986 to 1994 and left for similar reasons as yours regarding education of children. We have a son who had just graduated high school at Lincoln and was preparing to go to Texas A&M. Our daughter had just turned 13 and our organization's budget priorities did not include Lincoln for that age group. So we returned to College Station but think often and fondly of Argentina.

We were not able to travel to Salta but our very last trip was to Iguazu on an express bus. I still marvel at what I think are one of the most underrated natural wonders of the world. The view from the Argentine side is more panoramic and the Brazilian experience was "up close and personal"!! We took a tour boat on the river and it was beyound belief.

So my vote is for Iguazu with the caveat that we never saw Salta to make the comparison.

Good luck on your return to the USA and we hope the transition goes well.

Anonymous said...


Are you going back to Texas, or are you thinking of starting anew in another state?

Sorry to hear that you are going, but understand how difficult it would be for a teenager.

I am sure that she will consider the experience priceless, esp. as she grows older and puts down more roots.

Kang Boim said... hopping here...from indonesia, you have nice blog...:D :D

Internet Geek Next Door said...

Sorry to hear the fabulous getaway is almost over. Your blogs have been terrific and the photos amazing. No worries I've been reading them. Hope all is well with the family. Hope to reconnect sometime after your back stateside.

- DJ

Anonymous said...


I am sorry to hear that you are going back to the States to live. Salta and Iguacu are like apples and oranges. Either way you win. Save Iguacu for later as well as Rio de Janeiro and Salvador Brazil. I'm here on the island of Itaparica and love it. Thanks for the great blog.
Robert Handen

Ricardo said...


I would decide for Salta and it's sorroundings in a heartbeat.

Unique ladscapes, light and colors..the falls are great but the North is infinitely more varied and rich, in places, culture and History, too.

I've been in both, trust me.