Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a small world after all.

Casa Rosada/Manuel Belgrano

My wife and I took some new friends, Mike and Terri to Piranha in Fort Worth last Sunday. Originally from Austin, they now live in downtown Fort Worth and spend most of their time traveling the world. One of their favorite cities to visit of course is Buenos Aires.

We met through Flickr after Mike noticed a huge coincidence. I took the above picture of General Belgrano in Plaza de Mayo the exact same day he took the one below.

We were there at the same time and took almost the same picture! Two guys from Fort Worth taking the same picture on the same day half way around the world. How cool is that.

Mike and Teri are a great couple. The Yanquster will glad to hear they are devout yellow dog democrats that would make LBJ proud. They even plan on showing up to a few Drinking Liberally meetings.

They will be in BsAs next week for a whole month. I would like to petition the Quaffers for Mike to stand in as proxy for me at the next meeting. He is a wine drinker but enjoys a few good pints every now and then. So treat him well.


Anonymous said...

Question for potential future post: what do you miss most about Buenos Aires?

Longhorn Dave said...

Thanks StillLife! I need to get to that cause there are a lot of items on the the "things I miss" list.

Biggest ones are not needing a car and having groceries delivered.

Anonymous said...

Wow what are crazy coincidence. the magic of flickr. You should check out a new new travel site I found, I think you will like it.