Monday, October 6, 2008

The Wide Wide World comes to BA

The Wide Wide World

Ran across a great new travel blog about a family form the North East doing the RTW thing (round the world trip). Dani, Craig and their children Caroline (13) & Conor (11) are on a year long trip around the world and are now in Argentina.

Checkout their website, The Wide Wide World. It is one of the best family adventure blogs I have seen. It has a great design and they make it easy for anyone to follow along as they bounce around the globe. Good mix of Web 2.0 features and video.

If anyone runs across them while they are in Buenos Aires, tell them Longhorn Dave says hello and I hope BA ends up being their favorite stop on the whole trip. How could it not?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tina Fey: Always better than the real deal

The Tina Fey/SNL parody of the debate was again better than the real deal. Only this time, it was more balanced by equally mocking Joe Biden.


Friday, October 3, 2008

V.P. Debate: Why it mattered for me.


I haven't heard what my friends in Buenos Aires thought of the debate yet. (I hope they all had fun at El Sacramento bar.) But, I have to agree it with Eugene Robinson of the Washington post when he said it was the strangest debate he has seen.

To begin with, everyone was expecting a train wreck that never occurred. Palin held her own. But she managed to do it mainly without answering the questions posed to her. She did her best to channel Ronald Reagan. Not sure she succeeded, but she avoided the train wreck.

Biden did well by providing facts and giving proof that he had the experience, knowledge, and judgment to take over the top job if need be.

As far as swaying my vote, I think the debate had an effect. I have always described myself as a McCain maverick. However, in this campaign he has not shown good judgment or leadership skills. And, he has severely disappointed me on key positions. The Palin pick was the final straw that put me in Obama's camp.

It was summed up well on CNN tonight when an analyst said, "During a 9-11 like event while the president is stuck on Air Force One, who do you want in the situation room making the gut decisions on which planes to take down and who to bomb."

That vision puts things clearly in perspective. Don't it!