Saturday, August 25, 2007

Finding An Apartment

Our Temporary View in Buenos Aires

We have barely landed, but we are consumed with pressure to find a place to live. But where? A house in the suburbs, or an apartment in town where all the action is?

The point of picking up and moving from our suburban home in Dallas/Fort Worth was to experience something completely different. So buying anything aproaching a "house" like back home is out of the question. We want to experience the living in a large metropolis. Outside of a few cities like New York, Chicago or San Francisco, most people in the US don't get that chance.

In Fort Worth and Dallas where we are from, they are starting to build thriving downtown living spaces. However, it is still the exception not the rule for most people to live "downtown". We are going to try it.... Yes, with children. A few people here have suggested the city is not for children. We'll see. They suggest moving to gated communities to the north. But how can the children experience a culture walled off from everything else?

No. A classic high rise in a quite residential neighborhood is exactly what we need. My wife and I fancy the middle one in the picture above.

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