Saturday, August 25, 2007

Leaving Texas....

Don't know why we did it, but we did. My wife and I have picked up our family and moved to Buenos Aires. We promised our daughter it would only be for a year.... we'll see.

I'm Leaving Texas for a While

So what made us pickup, sell everything we own, and move to the otherside of the world where they don't even speak the same language? I wish I could answer that. A sense of adventure? Maybe. I mid-life crisis? Could be.

The fact was we were frightened into it. We were about to buy a new house in Arlington when my wife was filled with a sense of panic. If we bought a new house in Arlington, we would be stuck there for a good part of the rest of our lives. At least until my son graduated from high school. We had the whole world to explore. Why wait. Why deny our children the opportunity of a lifetime to learn a new culture and language. Why wait until we were "retired" and too old to enjoy the world.

So as we were about to pick up the phone to call our real estate agent and buy the house, my wife randomly said, "Wait! Why don't we move to Buenos Aires." Without hesitation I replied, "OK. Lets make it happen!"

That was the beginning of June. Less than three months later, we are sitting here in Buenos Aires as I write this post. So I invite you all to come along with us through this blog as we try and share our experiences, both good and bad.


Anonymous said...

I am curious to know why Buenos Aires? Did you know people, have you been there before?

I am from BA and living in Cincinnati, thanks for sharing your stories.


Longhorn Dave said...

Thanks for your comments Pablo. It was somewhat random in choosing BsAs. Although I had been there a couple of times on business before.

BsAs is a beautiful city and I have loved it from the first time I set foot here in the mid 90s.

It really came down to Mexico and here. We just felt safer here and like the European feel.

The added bonus was the cheap exchange rate and the great real estate opportunities.

Finally, we get to live in a wonderful, metropolitan city that ranks in the top cities in the world. -- That was foreign to us in Texas. In Texas, everyone lives in suburbs and no one lives in the city.

Here in BsAs, we could live in the city and feel safe... In fact it is much safer than San Francisco or NY City in a lot of respects.

I would of never consider moving my family to Mexico City.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation!

I would never live in Mexico either!

I lived in Houston for 2 years, so I know exactly what you mean. I really miss a big city, although this is so safe and quiet. But I mostly miss the river. If you have a chance, make a weekend trip to Colonia, Uruguay (my wife is from there). Highly recommended.

Unknown said...

I admire your decision to just go to BsAs and start living...I think I am about one more crappy US experience away from being your neighbor...LOL.

Good luck and thank you for sharing your experiences.

By the way, Pablo is my boss and shared your experience with me. said...

Buenos Aires is a great city, I have been there once and I fell in love with the idea of living there.

I read your stories and enjoyed your photos.