Friday, October 5, 2007

Falling in Love with Belgrano

My wife and I have decided we want to move to Belgrano. With the speculation and resulting run up in apartment prices, we think we are going to forgo buying for now. Especially considering our place in Texas has not sold yet.

Instead, we are are going to rent our house in Texas and turn around and put the money down on rent in this beautiful tree lined barrio on Buenos Aires northern end.

Here are a few pics from there that I took this week.
Tower of Fruit in Belgrano
Belgrano Red Door
Church in Belgrano
Chinese Market in Belgrano

Belgrano's main advantage is it is much closer to our kids' school yet still in the city. From Belgrano it is easy to catch the subway, train, or taxi to any attraction in the city. For our kids, it should cut back on her morning commute to school. We can even take a cheap cab to get her to school. The hired remis (car service) was $30 pesos (US$10) each way.

Belgrano is totally different than the rest of the city. Many areas feature houses with Anglo-Saxon designs mixed with modern high rise apartment buildings. The apartment buildings are spread apart and are not side-by-side, offering a lot of light from all four sides.

The streets are picturesque tree-lined avenues that are very tranquil. Quite the opposite of where we live know.

Belgrano even contains the city's Chinatown. The chinese food here is good and has the spice we crave. And Las CaƱitas is in walking distance. It is an area of town with over 100 restaurants. What more could we ask for!

Hope to share more pics soon. In the mean time, check out some more Belgrano pics from Buenos Aires Dialy: here, here and here.


Unknown said...

Hi David, love your pictures. I am the husband of Maya. We have lived in Belgrano just over a year and our daughter also goes north for school. Maya and I would love to get together with you sometime and share a cup of coffee. Best,

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I recently discovered your blog :) Very nice one. Thanks for sharing some of BA daily pictures in your posting. I wish you a great time in the neighborough of Belgrano :)

Unknown said...

Hey Longhorn Dave..

I love your pictures too. We bought a place in Belgrano recently and will be moving in soon. Our girls go north to school too maybe we can share remises or taxis for the girls when we get moved in soon.
My husband loves all of those tech toys you have too.
Let's get together!