Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pic of the Day: Iglesia Guadalupe

iglesia guadalupe
Everyone keeps screaming for more pics. I admit I've been lax a bout taking the camera out and about. Today I arrived at my Spanish lesson and discovered my camera still in my bag. I've always wanted to capture the Iglesia Guadalupe. It is right across the street from my Spanish lesson.

I really like the view from the rear of the two spires. Unfortunately because it was cloudy, this shot came out kind of dull without the beautiful blue sky that normally is the backdrop. Converting to B/W helped a little.

iglesia guadalupe

And one more bonus pic:

iglesia guadalupe


Madelina said...

Some really good pics, Dave. I'd like to see the iron fence pic at not quite such a steep angle, though. A little bit more head on, and the detail on the trefoil could be seen. All in all, really good, though.

Anonymous said...

wich camera do you use?

Longhorn Dave said...


I used a Canon 30d with a Tamaron 17mm-50mm wide zoom.