Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Estancia Dos Lunas

Our First Horseback Ride: Dos Lunas Estancia
My family broke up our move to Mendoza by taking a side trip to an Estancia north of Córdoba in the Jesus Maria region.

I have to say, our 4 day stay at Estancia Dos Lunas was one of the best stays I have had anywhere in the world. It was the perfect balance between relaxation and fun. It helped that for most of our stay we had the whole place to ourselves.

Estancia Dos Lunas: Sheep

The estancia is run by Gonzalo and Lorena, a young couple from Buenos Aires who were very warm and friendly. They made sure that we were always taken care of.

The stay included all meals and several activities on the estancia. We mainly stuck to horseback riding and hiking. As you can see there were an endless supply of trails each with their own unique landscapes.

The area in parts looked like the hills and open spaces of Palo Alto, CA. Some of the red rocks and mountain parts looked like Colorado between Pikes Peak and Pueblo. But mostly, it reminded me of West Texas and the Hill Country.

Dos Lunas Estancia Vista

I highly recommend a stay at an estancia if you ever make it to Argentina. It is a great way to see how an important part of Argentina's culture lived at one time.

Horseback Ride up Los Cerros: Estancia Dos Lunas


Unknown said...

Hey, how about a link to the estancia´s website?

The scenery looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is amazing!

Longhorn Dave said...

Thanks guys... Frank, I've updated the article with the link to the estancia.

It is: http://www.doslunas.com.ar/INGLES/base.html

Sorry, I don't really have internet access in my Mendoza Apartment yet and I am working on a big project for a client in the states. So I have been trying to post quickly when I do have access.

So you'll notice more typos and grammer mistakes for awhile in my posts.


Unknown said...

Great pictures David. I am looking forward to seeing more. How did the kids enjoy the horseback riding?