Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mendoza: Cerro De La Gloria

Cerro De La Gloria
A great place to visit and get some exercise in Mendoza is the Cerro de la Gloria. It is a tall hill that sits behind the Zoo with a great footpath to the top.

At the top is a monument representing San Martín and his army that crossed the Andes to liberate Chile and Peru and ensure the independence of Argentina.

Downtown Mendoza

It is not a big hill and it is dwarfed by the foothills to the Andes just to the west. However, it does provide some great views of Mendoza City.

The top is about 1 kilometer above sea level. Although, the climb up the cerro (hill) is only several hundred meters. Still, a good little workout with a reward at the top.

Rain Clouds Over Mendoza

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