Friday, April 11, 2008

Top Kirchner Thug, D'Elía Now Attacking The Press

D'Elía Attacking Clarín
Picture from D'Elía attacking the press.

In my last post, I covered the disturbing trend of the Kirchners attempting to control the press and stifle free speech. It gets worse.

As I reported yesterday, Queen Cristina at a rally of supports (a chunk of whom were threatened with their jobs if they didn't show up) held up a political cartoon printed in the local newspaper Clarín, and accused it of being a "quasi mafioso" attack on her.

The ironic thing is most porteños consider Clarín very pro-Kirchner. It was odd that the Presidenta was picking on one of her biggest supports in the press. But there she was accusing them of being mafioso thugs. (She also accused them of taking advantage of her because she is a woman... but that should be a whole other blog post.)

This from the government that sent thugs into the Plaza to beat up its own citizens that were peacefully protesting the government. A peaceful crowd made up of women, children, grandparents. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

The man leading the group of thugs was Luis D'Elía. A man that later shared the stage with the president in her big speech right after the protests against her. And a man that has been defended by all levels of the government here despite the vile, bigoted, hate-filled remarks he has made in the press.

Over the last couple of weeks the government has been clear in letting the independent press here know that they are now in the crosshairs. So who do they put on TV to beat up the press? Of course, Mr. D'Elía.

Last night on Television, there D'Elía was attacking the press and justifying a governments crackdown.

He took Cristina's lead and went after Clarín parent company that runs the 24 hour news channel. "This channel is always putting a pistol to the head of democracy...", he said.

He then attacked Clarín, "Before you used dictatorship to remove people, today the media is the dictatorship."

The world is starting to voice its concern about the governments recent attacks on the Press. So the Kirchners send D'Elía out to defend them. Who is the real mafioso, or should I say mafiosa.


Anonymous said...

suddenly no one posts?

Capt. Edward S. Isaacs said...

Sounds like Cristina is learning a thing or two from her buddy Hugo...

Longhorn Dave said...

I don't everyone scared that D'elia is going to come after them with his big stick? Is that why you posted anonymously?

Longhorn Dave said...

Ed: Yep.. It seems like from her first week, she has been arm-n-arms with Hugo.

Anonymous said...

I would think Xtina would be cooler than to use this thug to flex his muscles. She appointed a young stud as the finance minister, when not continue with the new guard?

Longhorn Dave said...


The impression I get is the young finance minister is on a short leash and is controlled by the Kirchner aperatus. Namely his boss Moreno who is a tuff guy in a suit.

I feel sorry for Martin Lousteau (the finance dude). He has a strong academic resume and most had hoped he would bring reasoned reality to this admin. I just don't think he calls many shots.