Monday, April 28, 2008

Top Five Things To Do With Kids Under Five in Buenos Aires

Sunday Afternoon at the Recoleta Fair

Having two kids, I get a lot of questions about what to do in Buenos Aires with little ones. My four year old loves it here and we never run out of new things to try. With his help, I have put together a list of his top five things to do in Buenos Aires.

1. The Playground at the Local Plaza

Plaza Vicente López,Corner of Vicente López and Montevideo

Without a doubt, a visit to the local playground is my son's favorite thing to do. Most major Plazas in Buenos Aires have a playground popular with the neighborhood children. My kid loves for me to take him to the park to play on the swings, dig in the sand and well, just be a kid.

Not all playgrounds are the same and some are in need of some major repairs. However, the playgrounds in Plaza Vicente López and Plaza Mitre have both been redone recently and are two of the nicest parks in town.

2. Museo de los Niños

Abasto Shopping Center, Corner of Corrientes and Agüero, Level 2

This is a great place to spend a cold, rainy (or even smokey) day inside. Where else can your kid be flushed down a toilette into a maze of pipes, build at a construction site, unload cargo off a ship, crawl in a giant tube of toothpaste, work in a bank, and fly an airplane—all in one afternoon.

This is one fun place. I have been to some lame kids museums over the years, but they have done things right at this one and I highly recommend it. It is one of those places your kid will have to be dragged away from kicking and screaming three hours later.

It is in the Abasto Shopping Center which also features a Neverland Park arcade center with a giant ferris wheel and kiddie rides. Mom and sis don't mind the shopping in the mall either.

3. Jardín Zoológico de Buenos Aires

Ave. Las Heras and Sarimiento across from Plaza Italia

Lion Love

Lots of great animals from all over the world and in a zoo that is just the right size for little ones. It is the perfect place to spend a beautiful fall day in Buenos Aires. The zoo might be a little too old school for some. However, it is still a hit with kids. See my earlier post about it here.

4. Paddle Boats at the Bosque de los Rosedales

Ave. Libertador and Sarimiento, Also known as Parque Tres de Febrero

This large Palermo park is a must for visitors with kids. Stroll the paths that wind through beautiful rose gardens and head over to the artificial lakes. There, you can rent bikes or my kids favorite, a boat. It is a lot of work to paddle your way around the lake, but a lot of fun too.

5. Parque Tamaikén

Ruta Provincial 25, Km 1 Escobar(city)


If the small cages at the Buenos Aires zoo seem a little inhumane for your liking, then try out this wildlife park 30 minutes north of town. Tamaikén is one of the nicest wildlife parks I have visited beating out some of those in the states. The park is nice but without the constant commercialism you see back home. Not that your small kid will notice. He'll be enjoying all the animals.

Here is my first post on Tamaikén.


Anonymous said...

Our three year old's favorite is the zoo, especially the hippos. Thanks for tips 4 and 5. We are always looking for some way to entertain her (and us).

Anonymous said...

I can recommend for Kids in Buenos Aires the small beach of Rio de la Plata in the "reserva ecologica". It unfortunately is forbidden to swim in the river, but the park is very nice. But the park is very nice. You can see leguans and a lot of birds. If you need a place to stay look here for a apartment in Buenos Aires.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful,Dave! I just took my 14 month old to Mendoza to visit my in-laws. (from Denver) we had a great time-Argentina is so family focused. I also just wrote an article about family friendly Mendoza, email me!