Thursday, December 27, 2007

Buenos Aires Jardin Zoologico

Thirsty Giraffe

Took Mijo to the zoo last weekend and we had a blast. It is an old city zoo and some had warned us that it wasn't the greatest. However, we disagree.

Picture 1.gifThe Buenos Aires Jardin Zoologico was Founded over 118 years ago and houses more than 2,500 animals originating from 350 species. After a few years of decline, the Zoo has been making major upgrades and enhancing its staff.

While it is no Temaikén, which has animal-friendly natural habitats for all its furry inhabitants, the Buenos Aires Zoo is getting there despite its small footprint.

Lion Love

Even though not all of the Zoo would make PETA happy, being there reminds you of those wonderful old children's books set in a city zoo ( Like Madeline would walk by any minute to say Poo Poo to the Tiger in the Zoo).

Hey, for $14 pesos for a complete pass, you can't beat it.

Here are a few more pics...

The Lizzard is not empressed with your tounge


Polar Bear


Unknown said...

Beautiful pics (again) Dave. If you have time to meet up before you take off give me a call or text.


Unknown said...

Hey ! great pictures man ! I'm doing some buenos aires travel myself in a couple of months so i'm gathering all the info i can. There's no doubt i'm going to the zoo.

Really hope the get such as great pictures as yours!

Anonymous said...

How nice was that zoo! I went there with my son when we were staying in an apartment in Buenos Aires, and he was amazed about it!! He also fed some animals! Next time we`re going to "Temaiken"