Monday, December 3, 2007

Tren De La Costa / Tigre


My family met up with another expat family and took the Tren De La Costa up to Tigre on Sunday. Many porteños keep houses there and it is a favorite destination on the weekends—especially in summer when the city is sweltering.

The city sits on a river delta formed by several smaller rivers feeding into the Rio Plata.

Tigre and the Delta from Goolge Earth

Think Mississippi delta. In fact like the Mississippi Delta, you'll find a lot of trashy places...


and some quite nice places...


Around the turn of the century to say the 1920s and 30s, Tigre was the summer place for the Buenos Aires high society. Strangely, that society centered around "rowing clubs" that were formed around that time. Some of the most stately buildings in Tigre were built to house these rowing clubs. The one in the first picture above is a great example. The one below is of the Buenos Aires Rowing Club.


Finally, Here is a video that some creative chaps took of their trip to Tigre back in July. They did pretty much the same trip we did. But their trip was set the cool grooves of the Gotan Project.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pix of Tigre and Uruguay, you have been busy! Mendoza was a lot of fun--had some nice hikes and did the bike and wine tasting thing. Nice town.


Howard said...
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Howard said...

Just came across your blog by accident. Your pictures are amazing and remind me of when I lived in Bs As for about a year in the late '90s (which is where and when I met my wife). I'm still in love with Argentina - it's my home away from home.

We now live in Plano (I'm an accountant too) and we go down to Bs As pretty often with our girls to visit the in-laws - in fact we'll be down in a couple of weeks for a long stretch.

I just looked through some of your photos on Flickr and saw the Fort Worth shots too, you actually have a picture of my office building in there. Again - beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

The train is where my nun spooning happened, I suppose that didn't happen to you! I would recommend taking the boat I think it's 25 pesos for an hour boat ride around the river

Longhorn Dave said...

No. No spooning incidences. The tren was pretty light that day. We all had seats.

We did do the boat ride. Most of the pics were taken in the post were taken from the boat. It was a great bargin.

Anonymous said...

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MasAllaDelSol said...

Hey man, really dig your blog. I
m a Deltophile myslef, having contracted "el mal del sauce" (willow fever)just a couple of years ago on my first time back to Argentina after being in self-exile in California for 34 years(ran out during the military repression of 1976, to avoid a one way helicopter trip to feed the sharks, I guess), I now own a place in Tigre, where i proceed to go straight from the airport, avoiding all unnecessary contat with Baires, to keep from puking my revenge... Anyway, cool video! Loge Gotan Project. Keep this up.