Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cristina and Chávez Sitting in a Tree....

Cristina and Chavez

Every wonder why Cristina and Chávez always seem to be having a good time when they're together. Maybe they have something going on the side that Néstor doesn't know about?


Put those rumors to rest. We found out today the real reason.


I would be happy too if someone gave me a suitcase with $800,000 US dollars. To be fair, the money never made it to Cristina, but it is the thought that counts right?


Anonymous said...

The AP/Google article is professional enough to include both sides of the story: the US allegations and the Arg/Venez objection and protestations.

Your blog article instead takes for granted that the US allegations are gospel truth, and you mock the Arg and Venez govts like they are a joke.

Since you decided to to move to Arg for convenience and live off the land -not unlike colonials did- I would suggest you started looking at things such as this one with a bit more perspective, unless of course you are happy to perpetuate stereotypes about USA people as odious and arrogant.

Longhorn Dave said...

Yes, to be completely fair, Christina and Venezuela are denying the allocations as propaganda from the US.

And given the dirty tricks our US administration has pulled as late, I wouldn't put it past them. This whole story sounds fishy.

But the great thing about having a blog, is I'm not a not a "journalist." I'm free to call em like I see them.

Do I think this administration is in bed with Chavez? Absolutly.

If the money really was bound for Christina's campaign, did she know about that? I don't know. Maybe it was a unilateral advance from Chavez that Christina didn't know about.

Bottom line, interesting story and I'm sharing my take on it.

Everyone is free to disagree it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Dave, I saw this story also, but in Al-Jazeera, and they said something was a bit fishy. I would say al-jazeera has nothing in common with "US allegations"

jennifer rose said...

Cristina is just a little *too* defensive over this issue. Is her spin doctor or even the counsel to the presidencia missing in action?

Surprisingly, I heard some interesting comments about her in the line at Disco this afternoon:

Longhorn Dave said...


Your disco story is so funny. I agree with you on how she is defending it a little too much. I like the editorial in the Buenos Aires Herald today. The part about how they are taking "shooting the messenger" to a new level.

My adventures said...

personally, i liked it when the king of spain told hugo to "just shut up"... sometimes, it's good to be king... it's scary that she's even chummy with chavez!!

and, why comment annoymously? if it's from someone you know, wouldn't that comment open up a great dialogue on both sides??

i don't know much about the governments of arg or venez, but would love a local blog to read about either, hint hint anonymous!!!

Anonymous said...

I posted anonymously because I am not a friend of anybody here and my real name will not tell you anything about me at all. I don't have a blog or any kind of online profile that you can check to help you about my identity. I could just as well remain anonymous, put my real name or sign with a false moniker and it would be the same.

I am posting for a second time (I was pretty much giving up and leaving you alone) because of the "open up a great dialogue on both sides" line by dbv, above.

Here is a couple of links for that purpose:

I did open up the discussion in this subject because of a certain degree of irritation:
What would you feel if a foreigner, resident in Texas, started voicing scornful opinions about that US state? Let alone the legal status of said foreigner...

USA nationals abroad have a certain (bad) reputation, worldwide. It's in your hands to prove it wrong or confirm it's for a reason.

Longhorn Dave said...


Yes there are a large number of crass (North) Americans, and a large majority of them Texan, that give everyone from the US a bad reputation abroad.

However, it is no secret that our current administration has earned a large amount of very negative comments from everyone around the world.

A majority of US citizens at home and abroad share in the negative views. So if someone from the UK, France, Chile or India says bad things about our Gov't, I and most from the US would respect that person's views.

In the US we have a strong tradition of questioning and poking fun at the current Administration. It is our way of venting our frustrations and in a small way to help keep those in power in check.

Criticizing one's own gov't or any gov't is a fundamental right of ours and the number one reason John Stewart's the Daily Show, earns such high ratings.

Longhorn Dave said...

Updated Opinion:

Just read an editorial in the Miami Herald. I agree with the main points that Christina committed bad judgment in handling the PR and legal issues raised by this incident.

In the end, she is the one to blame for the dust up between the US and Argentina and it shows her inexperience in crisis management.

Her PR director should be fired.

How can you deny something that is on Tape and will come out in Trial? Rather than fly off the handle she should of welcomed the investigation and pointed out that She wasn't named in the indictment and it is a baseless claim by the defendant. The indictments were in no way proof that she knew of the money and that it was destined for her campaign.

But by loosing her head, she ends up looking as guilty as a trapped lioness. And for better or worse, pushing Argentina closer into the crasp of the Loco Chavez.

Here is the link to the full article: