Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires: Hablar en Buenos Aires

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Need to learn spanish while you are in Buenos Aires? I can't think of anyone better than Marco Luccón with Hablar en Buenos Aires.

I took two spanish classes a week from Marco for a good portion of my time in Buenos Aires. In fact, after my daughter fired me as her home school teacher, Marco stepped up to the plate and won her over as both a history and spanish teacher.

Classes are held in Marco's apartment in Palermo (off Plaza Güemes) and are only AR $30 per hour. He is great for both beginner and advanced students. So if you are struggling with that whole "vos sos" thing—give Marco a call.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. We met with Marco yesterday and are starting classes today. He seems great!

mmonk said...

where was marco's photo taken? taiwan?

Anonymous said...

there is a Chinatown in barrio Belgrano where there are a lot of Taiwanese and mainland Chinese immigrants. It's very possible that the picture was taken there.