Sunday, July 27, 2008


Fort Worth Texas at Sunset

They say you can never go back home again. I don't know about that.

My wife and I are have been staying in Fort Worth the last week—the place we consider home. This is where the west begins. Home to cowbosys and culture. And, it is where our relationship began right out of college. My wife was even born and raised here. Me, I was born and raised 30 minutes down I-35.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. That must be true. I have fallen in love with Fort Worth all over again and we are now looking for a house here.

Before, I could never see raising a family here because of crime or schools. But now, I realize it can't be any worse than where we were living before. And besides, with all of the Barnet Shale money rolling in things are booming here.

However, I am still going to give Austin one last chance. We were committed to Austin as our target for landing after Argentina. But, sticker price got the best of me. Fort Worth has a lot going for it and is very affordable compared to Austin.

We really could live anywhere we wanted to. But Fort Worth has always felt like home. And that is what is important.

Don't worry. We love Buenos Aires and Argentina too much to stay away for long. We'll be back.

Soon I hope.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I wished your wife and you were able to visit my bijoue while you were in BsAs.
This city is constantly changing there are some stuff that are great that you missed, I am sure as a Texan you would have loved the the El Campo at La Rural. It was great.
Well, BsAs will be here to welcome you again...soon.
Give some love the the US for me will ya.
Love the photos, keep posting.
Gracee at

Longhorn Dave said...

I really wanted to go to La Rual this year. I'm sure it was filled with lots of great photo opportunities.

Karla said...

If i were going to live anywhere in Texas that was not Austin, it would be Ft Worth. It's one helluva cool town.