Monday, February 18, 2008

More from Bariloche and the Lake Region


Thought I would share a view more pics from around Bariloche.

Our first week we did a Jeep tour with two other couples. One from Spain (pictured above) and one from Mexico. It was great to converse in Spanish with three different dialects.


The Jeep tour took us up to mountains of Cerro Otto and around Cerro Catedral before heading west of town towards Llao Llao (pronounced shou shou) where the hotel by the same name is. We completed the trip on the famous Circuito Chico drive.


Circuito Chico offers numerous breath-taking stops along its route. If you come to Bariloche, rent a car and drive the route yourself. You'll want the freedom to pull off and take pictures, hike or eat when you want.

Trust me, the organized tours of the area are for the blue-haired set and can be maddening. Avoid them altogether. The 4x4 jeep experience we took was more exciting than the typical tour and we we even had an Asado (BBQ) by the side of beautiful Lake Moreno.


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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% about renting a car and going as you like. We have a rental house here and suggest to all our guests to rent a car to truly see the beauty of the area.

BTW, the circuito chico also makes a great bike ride. It takes the average rider around 1.5 hours, and the although there are some steep hills, the views make it easier.