Saturday, February 16, 2008

Room With A View: Hotel Llao Llao

Hotel Llao Llao

Through a mix up in scheduling, we arrived in Bariloche two days before we could move into our apartment. What do you do when you are stranded in Bariloche with nowhere to sleep?

Call one of the leading hotels in the world and see if by chance you can get a room without mortgaging the house. Normally, at the Hotel Llao Llao there is no chance in hell. However, thanks to American Express we got in for two nights for less than the family resorts we've stayed in back home.

Wow, what a stay! Take a look at the view from my room:

View from Room at Llao Llao

Hotel Llao Llao is 25km west of Bariloche and without a doubt is Argentina's finest hotel. Yes there are fine hotels in Buenos Aires, but none have the views that this hotel has. Also, the service was 5 stars. We were pampered all weekend like we have never been pampered before.

We have been fortunate to stay in some of the leading hotels of the world. I have to say that the Llao Llao is now my favorite. It is worth coming here just for the surrounding natural beauty.

If you're golfer, the views from this golf course make the views from Pebble Beach look boring.

View from the Golf course at Llao Llao


Unknown said...

As usual, beautiful pictures. Nice work.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Barioloche es espectacular!! what a view!!

yanqui mike said...

Tremendo, Tex!

Are you back yet?


Longhorn Dave said...

Thanks Tom!

Yankster: We are leaving tonight for the End of the World with stopovers in El Chalten and Calafate.

We should be back in BA by March 1st.

Unknown said...

Hey, last year I went to Argentina and visited Bariloche too! It was so amazing. Those landscapes are unbelievable. I was astonished by the beauty of this place, honestly.
I also stayed in an apartment in buenos aires which was so comfortable that I felt as if i was at home.
I would like to come back!

Sydney Hotels said...

Your pictures are always fantastic. Good job.