Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Air, Foam, Ugly Betty, and the Hotel Llao Llao


Down here in Latin America, the Sony Entertainment Television channel has been doing a big push for the Ugly Betty show. The commercial is on non-stop.

The commercial features a scene where Betty and her date have to review a very trendy hotel restaurant. The date is fed up about being there and vents his frustration on the menu items. Especially the Air and Foam. He says something to the effect of, "Air and Foam, what kind of food is that!"

During our recent stay, my wife and I were fortunate to get a free meal at the Hotel Llao Llao's fancier restaurant, Los Cesares.

We showed up in blue jeans and t-shirts feeling a little out of place—just like Ugly Betty's date in the commercial. Only, we were the only ones in the pretentious, old-style dining room. It was completely empty.

We opened our menus and both started laughing at the same time. Our menu featured two dishes—one with Air and one with Foam. We both started cracking jokes about the Ugly Betty commercial and trying to figure out just what the difference between Air and Foam was.


We were still cracking Ugly Betty jokes when we looked up to see none other than Vanessa Williams walk in with her posse. (Well, it was more like a big group of girlfriends than a posse.)

My wife leans over after they sat down and asks, "You know who that is don't you?"

"Of Course!", I replied.

"No, do you know who she plays on TV?"

Not being a big fan of TV, especially the Sony Channel, I had to admit that I didn't know she was on TV. I just knew her from her from, I mean Pocahontas.

My wife had to explain that she played the cruel boss on Ugly Betty.

What a coincidence. Here we were laughing about a show and in walks one of the main characters. In the remote reaches of Argentina no less.

They sat down in a big table adjacent ours and had a good time talking about things any other group of women talk about while having a girls night out. We left them alone and carried on with our diner. Although they were a little loud and the only other table in the restaurant so it was a little hard not overhearing each others conversations.

When we got up to leave, one of the woman in the group said something like, "Enjoy your long stay in Argentina. I hope you get to stay longer." I guess she heard our debate earlier about staying another year or not.

My wife replied, "We will. Only hearing you gals having such a good time together made me miss my girlfriends even more!"

Another woman in the group jumped in and said,"Well ditch your husband and join us tomorrow! We're doing the spa all day."

My wife thought about it a moment and looked at Vanessa who was silent during this whole exchange and said, "Thanks for the offer, but I have the whole day planned with him. It wouldn't be fair to dump him like that."

My wife must really love me if she passed up hanging out with Vanessa Williams' posse to spend the day with me.

What a wife.


Anonymous said...

Great story Dave! So, question: If Vanessa had asked you to join her for spa day....?


Longhorn Dave said...

Do I really have to answer that. My wife reads this blog.

The Travel Addict said...

Y'all are taking an amazing trip... when we did Bariloche, the weather was, unfortunately, not so nice.

Anonymous said...

Great story, thanks for sharing.

Wow, had I know Vanessa was down the street, we would have gone for sure. Is she as hot in person as she is on TV and the mags?

BTW, I think Los Cesares is one of the best dining experiences I have ever had, white gloves, and all.