Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Patagonia Express


Greetings from the end of the world. Sorry for not posting much lately. We have been on a world-wind tour down Patagonia for the last two weeks and are now in Ushuaia. Ushuaia is in Tierra del Fuego at the southern most tip of South America.

We've either been too busy or been stuck in some pretty remote areas without internet access. However, we will be back in Buenos Aires soon and I promise to update the blog with details of our Route 40 Patagonian adventure.

After we left Bariloche, we traveled the length of Ruta 40 and hit El Chaltén, El Calafate and finally Ushuaia. Now on to the Valdés Peninsula for a few days of resting and hopefully some late season whale watching.

I'll tease you with a few pics from the last two weeks.





Anonymous said...

Aww, what a sweet seal picture! Kinda makes you want to reach out and pet them, but I bet they wouldn't like it much.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave and flia,
My flia and I are enjoying reading your blog so much. I don't remember how I came across it. We lived in BsAs for 2 yrs and Rosario for 7 yrs (1978-1987). Yes, everyone knew that 'something' was going on, but nobody would talk about it for fear of being next. The details came out after the elections and Alfonsin (democracy) was made president. We drove from Rosario to a 3 car caravan..17 people. 2 families with 3 sets of grandparents...all of us yanquis. From Mendoza we drove to San Martin de los Andes. Loved everybit of it! From San Martin we drove east and north through Santa Rosa pcia to BsAs and then, Rosario. Another year, we drove from Rosario to Punto Pyramides. These were formative years of our children's lives..your daughter's age and younger. They all have such wonderful memories of their childhood. Sorry I took up so much space. I found your blog in one of our most favorite times of our lives.
Oh yes, if you go back to the beach..go to Costa Azul..just outside of Montevideo. 20 years ago it was precious. I hope it still is. Vicky

Marc said...

psst I believe ruta 40 connects with ruta 3 a bit outside of Rio Gallegos then it's 3 all the way to Ushuaia. Outside of distance markers/signs, all other types are few and far between down in these parts. :) Excellent photos btw.

Longhorn Dave said...

Marc, you are so right. I'm in the habit of including Ushuaia because most Route 40 touring companies include it.

I'm still a little unclear if Tierra del Fuego is even a part of Patagonia.

Marc said...

I see what you mean now and yeah it kind of ruins the adventurous spirit of the tour in general by having to add in "and a little bit of this route too."

Yep, part of the club.