Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall in Texas (Spring in Argentina)


Fall has finally reached us here and I forgot how beautiful North Texas can be. Sometimes it takes moving away before you can appreciate what you had.

Fall means temperatures in the 70's (low 20's Celsius) with some leaves turning color. It is our short window of opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors before it quickly turns bleak and dreary. These few weeks are a welcome relief from the 90 to 100 degree temps of summer.

This pic was taken on a hike along the banks of the Trinity River at River Legacy Park. This wonderful park is less than 1/2 mile down the street from where we live now in Arlington.


Esben Agersnap said...

Nice shot - beautiful colours!

Anonymous said...

hello my name is Marina, im from bs as, and i got married 2 years ago to a texan, derrek, now we are living in florida, but our plan is to live in Argentina pretty soon.. your blog was really inspiring for me!!!! i hope we'll me in BA!!
my husband goes for TEXAS TECH
me River Plate..hahaha
buena suerte!!
salud, dinero y amor!!!