Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kids in the 50's were a lot more sophisticated

There are a lot of great photographic treasures being made accessible on the internet every day. First, there was the creation of the The Commons on Flickr which showcases treasures in the world's public photography archives like the Library of Congress and The Smithsonian.

Then came the news that Google has made available the photo archives of Life magazine including some of the most famous photos in American popular culture. The one above is my favorite. Check out the whole series.

And you think kids grow up too fast today? (Thanks to gruber for pointing it out.)

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Anonymous said...

While perusing college newspapers from the 50s recently I was shocked to see so many cigarettes ads! We've come a long way, really.

However, I do think that reading beats internet for children. And is the more sophisticated thing to do and teach kids :) According to this article, Google makes us stupid (no relation to the Maradona post above):