Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is Google responsible for Maradona's bad image?

Image from "The Diego Maradona Argentina Coach Lifespan" Thread on bigsoccer.com

It appears that Maradona (and over 100 other Argentine celebs) has gone to the courts to force Google and Yahoo to stop serving up websites in their searches that Maradona doesn't like. Time Magazine has a great story on the issue. Yahoo has complied while Google is waiting for an appeal.

Time makes the point that suing Google for search results is like suing the newsstand for having newspapers you don't like or forcing them to rip out pages of magazines that you don't like. If Maradona and others don't like what comes up when you google your name, sue the offending site—not Google or Yahoo! That is, if their is legal grounds to sue a site. Free speech is free speech. Libel/Slander is a different story.


Anonymous said...

I think this is idiotic and a waste of time. If I owned a search engine, I would not comply.

Anonymous said...

would have been better if he did not give them a reason to come up with this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh don't serve pages that tell the truth about be. It should be illegal for Google to serve pages that talk about me doing illegal stuff!


It's a stupid lawsuit.