Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ahhhh..... Volta!

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OK... The downside to having to go out to eat after 9:00pm with a 3 year old? He often falls asleep through diner. Add the fact that my daughter needs to wake up before 6:00am to get ready for her bus, and you can forget about ordering dessert. Get the entré and get out of there is all we have time for.

Volta to the rescue!

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Porteños are crazy about ice cream. And this is a city where just about anything can be delivered right to your doorstep. So of course the ice cream places all deliver. Volta is one of the best.

So here it is 11:00pm and I've just placed my order. It should be here a few minutes after I finish this post. And boy will it be good. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

you should try persicco!!

the owners of these two heladerias are the ex-owners of freddo.

they re 2 brothers that know very well how to do ice creams.
(specially the 'dulce de leche con brownie' ) taste it.

Nice blog!!

Longhorn Dave said...

Thanks for the tip!

My daughter and I walked down to their cafe in Las Cañitas tonight. I had the dulce del leche con brownie mixed wit the Chocolate amargo.

mmm..mmm... good!

yolkesinba said...

my wife and i (fellow texans, btw) will be spending a month or so in BA next month, and were glad to find your blog. sounds like you're having a great experience there!

we'd love to meet for coffee after we get there (dec. 15) and talk about the city ... we won't be expats, but we'd sure like to pretend that we are.

Longhorn Dave said...


Just email us and let us know when you get here. (dwilban at gmail period com)