Monday, November 5, 2007

Finally Moved to Belgrano


Over the weekend my family finally moved to the Barrio of Belgrano. We've been wanting to for some time so our daughter could be closer to school. Plus, we just love the neighborhood.

Friends and family have been screaming for pics of the place. So here it is. As you can see above, we went a little over our normal budget for this place. It was well worth it.

We splurged because we finally decided NOT to buy and are going with the the temporary rental apartments for the mean time. It was a tough decision. But with the increasing inflation here (the real number approaching 30% annually), the cloudy outlook for the economy and the bubble like atmosphere in the BsAS real estate market, it was hard to justify that kind of investment.

The other factor was my daughter. The honeymoon has worn off and she is having a tough go of things. Most likely, she'll get through it. Most parents that have similar age girls have said it gets rough but most snap out of it and relish their expat lifestyle.

To help my daughter, we've agreed to only be abroad for a year. With that short a timeframe, it is kind of hard to justify buying an apartment here. Sure, we had always planned to rent it out. But the shorter timeframe with the economic situation here, we just had to say no.

Besides, we were spending too much time looking for housing and not enough time enjoying this wonderful city.

After two months, we are finally set for the real fun to begin. Now we even have the flexibility to pickup at the drop of the hat and see the rest of the country. Say move to Mendoza or Bariloche. Even hike Patagonia for month or two.

BTW, here are a few more shots of our new digs...



Anonymous said...

WOW! This apartment is amazing!! Great place!

Anonymous said...

Your apartemnt is beautiful. How old is your daughter.? I had a tough time going there on vacation, let alone live there, because my kids do not speak spanish. We went for 3 weeks and my husband is from Argentina. I admire your courage.

Anonymous said...

A Texan in Argentina! I wonder how you find our barbecues compared to the famous ones in Texas!
My mother, Teresita offers cooking classes in a town called Adrogue, an hour away from Begrano, in the south part of Buenos Aires. One of her famous classes is called Argentine BBQ.
We invite you complimentary to come and grill an asado with us!

Mark Brown said...

Great blog. What could I expect to pay for a flat like this one?