Tuesday, November 27, 2007

La Huella Restaurant in Jose Ignacio

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On our trip to Punta del Este, we stumbled upon one of the greatest seaside dives—Parador La Huella.

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According to Peggy Knickerbocker at Gourmet Magazine, several chefs consider it the best beach side restaurant in the world. It is the kind of place that would be right at home in Austin. Despite attracting an international A-list crowd and having one of best chefs in the region, it is the kind of place where flip flops are the attire of choice.

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The restaurant is in a "shack" right on the beach in the seaside village of Jose Ignacio about a 20 minute drive up the coast from Punta Del Este. Jose Ignacio appears on the surface to be just your average sleepy little South American fishing village.

But behind those small little fishing casas are some of the most expensive homes in South America. Supermodel Naomi Campbell, Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon, Michael Eisner, and Ralph Lauren are just a few of the neighbors in this small town.

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Anonymous said...

I would say "shh, don't let the secret out," but there's no secret about La Huella. It's been written up in Conde Nast, Town and Country Travel, and numerous other top-tier publications. We're lucky enough to live in Punta del Este during "the seasons," plus a month or two on each side, and we have eaten at La Huella close to 40 times, now going at least once a week. It is perfect, and just gets better the more you go. As for the denizens of Jose Ignacio, you could add Martin Amis (although he just moved back to England to put his young son in school), Shakira, Valeria Mazza, and many others. Ralph Lauren was just a renter last year, and in La Barra, not Jose Ignacio (and paid $84,000 for one week, during which it rained so much he left a day early).

SaltShaker said...

La Huella's the best!