Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving at the Beach... No Turkey for Us This Year

Empty Bucket at Punta Del Este
While our friends and family were stuffing themselves with turkey this Thanksgiving, we headed to the beach.

Our daughter was out of school for the holiday even though they do not celebrate it down here. That gave us the perfect opportunity to hop the Buquebus across Rio Plata to Uruguay to renew or tourist visas that were set to expire last week.


Lots of other families from my daughters school thought the same thing. The ferry was full with my daughters classmates.

Unfortunately, the beautiful weather we had last week did not last. It turned cold and ugly. But we didn't care. We were having fun falling in love with a whole new country.

Argentina, you have some competition next door!

More to come once I've had time to go through all the pics.


Anonymous said...

You should go to Punta del Este.
Its a must!!!

saludos cordiales!!!

Longhorn Dave said...

Thanks....That is just what we did. More to come in a future post.